February Intergroup Minutes

Intergroup session: Feb 23 2017 Intergroup Session

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 Minutes of Intergroup Business Meeting – Feb. 23, 2017.

 In attendance:  April-Fri. Realiz. Cntr, Daniel-Sat 42nd St, Jo-Chair & Sat 35th St, Richard-Treasurer & St Helene’s, Bx.

 Treasurer’s  report:  Richard reported $278.16  in Treasury as of Feb. 26, 2017.  He also reported that a group conscience was taken at the Saturday 35th St. business meeting on Feb. 11th , and that a motion passed to distribute 7th Tradition collection (over prudent reserve) as follows:  60% Local; 30% State; 10% National.  Jo reported that CCNY had quoted the rent as $90 per month for each of the four meetings held at 35th St.  CCNY has agreed to accept less, depending on attendance at these meetings; however, Jo said, the membership should not be led to interpret this as meaning “free” rent. She added that a portion of our 7th Tradition collection must be allocated to other expenses, such as literature and special events.  Daniel suggested designating a percentage of the collection for each expense.

 Old Business:

 Jo working on “Guidelines for Chairing a Meeting,” as decided at Dec. 16 meeting.

 It remains a goal (from the Jan 26 meeting):  That each meeting should hold a business meeting, with a group conscience taken as to term lengths for leaders/office holders. Ask for service volunteers, list of people willing to co-chair.  Do a count in each meeting to determine who has been around for 3, 6, 12 months or more.  Observe/approach likely candidates, sound out as potential co-chairs. 

 New/Ongoing Business:

 Regarding the Share-a-thon, on June 10th the CCNY rear lounge is unavailable after 4pm, and the Share-a-thon normally runs until 5pm. It was proposed that we schedule the event in May.  Jo agreed to follow up with CCNY and report back.  [Writer’s Note:  Since this meeting, Jo followed up with the room scheduler at CCNY and was told that the 35th St. space is fully booked on Saturdays in May.  She therefore agreed to June 10th, 12noon-4:00pm instead of 1:00-5:00pm. To accommodate this time change, the Saturday 10:30a.m. meeting will end at 11:30 instead of 12:00 on Saturday, June 10th.]  So far, two speakers haven been identified for the Share-a-thon, one on the topic of service, the other on forgiveness.  We seek two more speakers.

 Regarding the proposed upgrade of the Website, Jo asked for help in steering this project, since she is not a “techie.” She’s also discovered that Matthew (current Webmaster) now resides in Colorado. Daniel has volunteered to become co-Webmaster and to speak with Matthew.  He (Daniel) suggested that we take a look at other attractive, user-friendly Website designs, to get some ideas; e.g., possibly add audio of brief (anonymous) qualifications.

 Regarding the fundraiser suggested at the Jan 26 meeting, to pay for this project, Jo spoke with Valerie at CCNY, who suggested the Assembly Hall at the Church. The hall could accommodate up to 150 people, and is the only CCNY room that would allow music and dancing. Valerie is to report back with a rental quote for CoDA, as a nonprofit organization.  April volunteered to design a flyer for the event, to be posted on the Website.


There were no motions.

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