June 2014 Meeting Minutes

Document type: minutes

The committee on making changes to the format made changes and will distribute the changes to Intergroup before the next meeting in July.
Literature at Trinity has not been looked into.
Richard gave the treasury report. / Received 227.71 / Petty cash as of 6/12 671.6
CODA Outreach: Richard is working on bringing CODA to institutions.
The July 13th date for the picnic is now not feasible. Will talk more about this topic at the next meeting.
Talked about the possibility of a retreat in October.
Registration and donation forms need to be put on the website.
International CODA Conference: Three day Service Conference and then the regular conference will commence. Frank will attend.
For the Service Conference, the following topics will be discussed:  Process for changing the by-laws / task forces / birthday plan / Seven tradition / Expense reimbursement / new literature / CODA meeting handbook / Basic meeting format / 7th tradition split / Welcome letter change / Amend phone list / Change 12 promises
“We Care” guidelines distributed.
Group Registrations: 21 meetings in total / 9 forms  came back
Realization Center Tuesday meeting: A Tuesday evening representative who was at this June 26th meeting was asked about moving the meeting from Tuesday to Thursday. Need to find out if the space is available and if the participant at the meeting want to move the meeting.
Discussed the July Intergroup meeting plan.


There were no motions.

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