Minutes of Aug 24 Intergroup Business Meeting

Intergroup session: Aug 24 2017 Intergroup Session

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Minutes of Intergroup Business Meeting – Aug. 24, 2017, 6:15 p.m.


In attendance:  Florence-Bronx; Bridget-42nd St; Elizabeth-Mon. LGBT; Richard-Treasurer & Bronx; Lorraine-Thurs 35th St. & Jo-Chair & Sat 35th St.  Guest:  Jenny-Rock Hill Gift of Healing (Upstate).


Minutes of the July 27th Meeting were unanimously approved.


Treasurer’s Report:  Richard reported the Treasury balance of $533.01, including $122 in donations from the Realization Center receipted from Elisa in July. 


Old Business:


Status of 7th Tradition donation envelopes is that they were given to Andie by Trish to be printed.  Jo to follow up with Andie.


Status of the proposed fundraiser event to generate payment for the NYCCoda Website upgrade:  Discussion tabled until September meeting.


New Business:


Jo announced that she is stepping down as Intergroup Chair, effective at the November 2017 Business Meeting.  


A group conscience was taken to approve the date for the November meeting. It will be held on Thursday, Nov. 16th, instead of Nov. 23rd, which is Thanksgiving.


Richard announced that the Intergroup Bank Account would be closed by CitiBank on August 31, 2017, and a check for the balance issued as of that date.


Discussion followed about finding a new bank that would charge no minimum balance and no maintenance fees to CoDA as a not-for-profit. The not-for-profit status to be confirmed with CoDA.org. Richard volunteered to check with Apple Bank; Liz suggested PNC at 11 Penn Plaza; she and Richard volunteered to visit the bank to follow up on that, with Liz as second signature on the account. 


Other Business:


CoDA meeting in Pelham needs support and would like to be on NYC and Westchester lists. Michael from the Pelham group would like his phone number listed on the Website. Need to find out if this can be done so that Stephanie can include more info on this meeting.  Pelham would also like to be included in the proposed fundraiser.


Jenny from the Upstate Rock Hill --  Gift of Healing Group attended the Aug. 24th meeting. Asked if her group could join the NYC Intergroup because they don’t have an intergroup.  


Jo made an announcement on behalf of Long Island CoDA, to the effect that they needed volunteers to commit to speak at their Sept. 2nd Hospitals & Institutions meeting in Amityville. 


A request was made to hold the monthly meeting at 6:30pm instead of 6:15. After discussion it was voted to keep it at 6:15 and to be sure that correct the meeting time was posted on the Website. 



There were no motions.

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