April 2013 Intergroup Meeting Minutes

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Daniel H - Chair
Andy - Treasurer
Matthew - Webmaster
Richard B - Bronx 7pm (GSR)
Annette - 92nd Y (GSR)
Adele - Realization center

Treasurer Report

We have $775 in our bank account after a recent donation from the 92nd Y of $89.95.

Webmaster Report

Website and other communications continue to function. We had about 25 phone calls in March. The discussion forum has had a bit of activity, but we hope to see more soon.

Old Business

We continue to discuss organization a Share-a-day in July or August. We are currently gathering volunteers who are interested in service opportunities. Anyway interested should email Intergroup at info@nyccoda.org.

New Business

We discussed the possibility of putting together some additional resources in the form of a packet for meetings to help ensure that all CoDA meetings are following the 12 principles and 12 traditions. We also agreed that the webmaster will post the minutes on the website.


Post announcement regarding meeting incident

There was a motion for Andy to post an announcement on the NYC CoDA website reminding meetings that all participation in the various aspects of a CoDA meeting are voluntary, so long as a person is not effecting other members. This was in response to an incident that occurred at a previous CoDA meeting.

Motion PASSED with the following votes
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