Intergroup Business Mtg Sept 28 2017

Intergroup session: Sep 28 2017 Intergroup Session

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Minutes of Intergroup Business Meeting – Sept. 28, 2017, 6:15 p.m.


In attendance:  Florence-Bronx; Richard-Treasurer & Bronx; Lorraine-Thurs 35th St. & Jo-Chair & Sat 35th St.  Elisa-Realiz Cntr; Lori-Thurs 35th St.


Minutes of the Aug. 24th Meeting were read and unanimously approved.


Re: Monthly Intergroup Meetings:  At the request of CCNY, someone has to be at the building by 6:00p.m. because the building staff leaves then and there would be no one to open the door. Jo has been getting there early in order to do this.  The Intergroup meeting starts at 6:15p.m., but it is listed on the Website as 6:00p.m. [Writer’s note: Since this meeting Jo has asked the Webmaster to change the time.]


Treasurer’s Report:  Richard reported a balance of $540 in cash. A $50 check was received from Diane (LGBT Mon 9pm Mtg) with a suggestion that it be used for the Website.  Total treasury at Aug 24th:  $590.00


Florence said her group wants to contribute funds and asked for clarification on distribution of 7th tradition funds remaining after expenses and prudent reserve have been covered. {Jo explained that Prudent Reserve is three months’ rent.) Lori clarified that the correct distribution, as posted on the CoDA National Website, is as follows:


60%  Local (Intergroup)


30%  National


10%  State


Old Business:


Jo reported that the pre-printed 7th Tradition distribution envelopes had not been received. She has emailed Andie about them.


Proposed Fundraiser to pay for Website upgrade: Discussion tabled until the October meeting, when the discussion can include Dan.


Ongoing business:


There was a discussion regarding the Intergroup Bank Account, which everyone present participated in and provided helpful suggestions.  To recap:  Richard said that Citibank had closed our account on Aug. 31, citing that paperwork was missing.  He and Elizabeth had gone to PNC Bank, which requested a 501c(3) letter from the IRS. Jo had gone to Ridgewood Bank, which said essentially the same thing. Richard had checked with Apple Bank as well.  He contacted CoDA National and got some input from a representative named Allan. He also attended a New England CoDA meeting to get some info on how they handle their bank account. During this (Sept 28) meeting, Lori emailed National and got information on how to apply for an ID number.  Jo said she would look into filing with the IRS as a nonprofit.


[Writer’s note:  Since the Sept. 28 meeting, Richard and Jo followed up with PNC (not helpful), and on the same day decided to visit Citibank again.  It turns out that Citibank was able to re-open our account, using the ID number already in their files.  They needed a second signature, which Jo provided, with Richard’s being the primary signature. They also quoted a $15 a month fee instead of the previous $30. (In order to get free checking, we would have to maintain a minimum monthly balance of $5,000.)] 


Other business:


Richard announced that his position as Treasurer ends in December 2017.  Jo, who had already announced at the August 24 meeting that her year as Chair ends in November, announced that she would post a notice on the Website, asking for volunteers to apply for the position at the November 16th meeting,




There are apparently two entrances listed on the Website for the Realization Center, i.e., 19 East St. and 25 East 15th St.  Jo suggested checking with the front desk at the Realization Center regarding which address they want listed as the official one. Then she will request to make the change as indicated.


Donations and checks continue to go to:


NYC CoDA Intergroup


Murray Hill Station


P.O. Box 103


New York, NY  10156


Lori suggested with regard to donations:  Xerox copies to Treasurer & Chair. Save records.  She also suggested we contact AA Intergroup and ask how they handle this.





There were no motions.

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