January 2015 Meeting Minutes

Intergroup session: Jan 22 2015 Intergroup Session

Document type: minutes

1. Share-a-thon recap

50 attendees
Suggested donation: 210
Cost: 550

A checklist of items necessary to do and to have for the next Share-a-thon was generated.

The next Share-a-thon is scheduled for June 2015. The chair is asking about availability for the next Share-a-thon.

2. Chair is asking the Church if we can keep a locked file cabinet at the Community House.

3. Need to get new format and plastic sleeves and distribute. Also, need to find out who has and who doesn’t have step booklets and then disseminate the items to meetings that do not have the booklets.

4. Need to locate the Intergroup rep emails to contact them about:
a. New format
b. Step booklets
c. Information about Intergroup (It was brought to Intergroup's attention that many attendees to CoDA meetings do not have clear knowledge about Intergroup.) 
D. Statement about sponsorship/co-sponsorship

5. As per the previous listing it was decided to create an announcement to be read during announcements at CoDa meetings about Intergroup in order to educate attendees about Intergroup and elicit more involvement from attendees.

6. As per #4 an announcement will be put together to be read during meetings giving details and information about sponsorship/co-sponsorship as is was brought to our attention that many attendees do not have details about this important CoDA detail.
7. Ideas for the Intergroup and sponsorship/co-sponsorship will be brainstormed for next month.

8. In November's meeting minutes we inadvertently listed the day and meetings for meetings which were experiencing some problems. We apologize for this mistake as this comprised anonymity. 


There were no motions.

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