Oct 26 2017 Intergroup Bus. Mtg.

Intergroup session: Oct 26 2017 Intergroup Session

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Minutes of Intergroup Business Meeting – Oct 25, 2017




Attendees:  Elisa-Friday Realiz. Cntr; Trish-Sunday, 92Y; Keith-Tues. Realiz Cntr;


Liz R-Mon. LGBT; Lorraine-Thurs. 35th St; Jo-Sat 35th St. & Chair.


Minutes of September Business Meeting read and approved.


Treasurer’s Report:  


In Richard’s absence, Jo reported apx. $900 in the treasury after paying the semi-annual $67 fee to maintain the CoDA P.O. Box. [Actual Bank Balance: $958.24, corrected with the submission of these Minutes.]  Richard and Jo have reinstated the Checking Account at Citibank, upon Citibank’s recovery of former account documents, and Jo being added to the account as second signatory (Richard being the first signatory).  Due to the account maintaining less than a $5,000 monthly average balance, Citibank charges the standard monthly fee of $15 for a business account.  


Discussion followed, during which Liz said that Intergroup, as a nonprofit, should not be paying any fee at all. She is to follow up with IRS to secure 501(c)3 nonprofit status for Intergroup.  Trish says IRS will not charge to set up a non-profit. Ensure that a copy of Citibank papers are with treasurer. 


Old Business: 


-Elisa to follow up with Realization Center regarding correcting address on website. 


-Discussion re 7th Tradition Donation envelopes pre-addressed with CoDA Murray Hill P.O. Box address.


Use 3 by 5 index card #10 business envelopes 


Committee to around to meetings to deliver envelopes 


Trish suggested buying pre-printed labels and use stamped envelopes. 


Trish will get supplies. Box of 50 #10 business envelopes. 


Mailing address, labels, stamps. 


Each group should get 12 envelopes to start with. 


Start with 92 St Y and Realization Center meetings. 


Write out name of group, $amount donated. 


There seems to be only one Brooklyn meeting left. 


Elisa can go to Brooklyn meeting and deliver envelopes (whenever they are ready). 


There seems to be less than 20 meetings left. 




New Business: 


At next month’s meeting all present will work on the envelopes and putting everything together regarding that. 


Jo steps down as Chair at next meeting.


Richard steps down as Treasurer in December.


At the next meeting (Nov. 16) elections take place for Chair and Treasurer.


No fall event has been scheduled.  The new Chair may arrange one. 


Question was raised:  what happens if no one volunteers for positions? 


Someone can always fill in while we are waiting for volunteers. 


Share-Athon 2018: Discussion followed, ideas for raising $. 


Bake sale, flea market, etc. 


Website - Stephanie maintains - no upgrade discussed - tabled for time being. 


You-Tube was discussed as a means of telling stories without pictures or names in order to try to attract newcomers to increase attendance at meetings.  More discussion needed. 






There were no motions.

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