Intergroup Business Mtg. Nov 16, 2017

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Minutes of Coda Intergroup Business Meeting


November 16, 2017 , 6:15p.m.




Bridget B - Sat. 2PM W. 42nd St.


Elisa G. Friday 7PM Realization Ctr 


Lorraine C. TH 35 St 


Richard B. , Bronx & Int’grp treasurer


Josephine (Jo) D., Sat 10:30am, 35th St. & Int’grp co-chair


Treasury Report - Richard reported a balance of $955.27 


Elections: Chair & Treasurer  - There being no announced candidates, Trish volunteered to serve as Chair, beginning Jan. 2018.  Richard’s term as treasurer runs through Dec. 2017. 


Elisa will report next mtg 12/28/17  [Writer’s note: Dec. mtg was cancelled due to weather.]


Fall event/fundraiser – Discussion to wait until new chair to bring up subject in 2018. 




Follow-up re 7th Tradition donation envelopes - Trish supplied pre-addressed, stamped  envelopes to be distributed to individual CoDA groups.


Donations are made by individual CoDA groups after the group has paid its rent and any other expenses, and has allowed for the group’s “prudent reserve,” which is considered to be three months’ rent.  Donations are allocated as follows:-  60% Local (Intergroup); 30% National; 10% State.


Intergroup uses donated money for activities such as Shareathons and special events.


Trish to submit receipt to Treasurer, in order to be reimbursed for her out-of-pocket cost of $101.00 for the donation envelopes & stamps. 


Black folder with mailing material being kept in front lounge 


January 2018 meeting to be held in front lounge (6:15 PM) 


Downstairs church - alternate address.  Keys to be passed on to the new officers. 


Bank Account – There was discussion at the November meeting about the 501c (not-for-profit organization) form. It was suggested that we use National’s names/titles on the 501c.  We have our own tax ID number. Trish agreed to call Liz & see if she can help figure out the issue with the 501c Form. 


Richard reported that Citibank continues to charge a $30 monthly fee for the CoDA bank account, even after the bank’s representative told Richard the fee would be $15. [Writer’s note: It was understood that this was all settled when Richard and Jo visited the bank in late October and signed a new joint signature form. The bank now (Jan. 2018) has told Richard that they do not have the new signatory form.]





There were no motions.

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