Intergroup Business Mtg. Jan. 25, 20018

Intergroup session: Jan 25 2018 Intergroup Session

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Intergroup Business Meeting, Jan. 25, 2018




Jo, 35 St. Sat.


Trish, 92Y Sun. 


Patty, Realization Wed. & LGBT Mon. 


Bridget, Sat St. Francis Assisi 


Elisa, Realization Fri 


Lorraine, 35 St. Th. 


Florence, Bronx 


Last mtg 11/18/17. No Dec mtg because of weather. 


Discussed - Citibank problems – close out acct & open savings bank – TD or Cap One 


32 St/Park Ave So. 


Trish will call for bank requirements 


Trish sent Richard e/m re setting up mtg to change bank accts. 


Discussed envelopes 


Breakdown – 60% Coda, 30% state, 10% national 


Richard – treasury balance – 834.33 


Patty reported FR night Realization Ctr fire – no more literature/no mtg format 




Pot Luck meals – everyone to bring a meal or something to eat 


Share-A-Thon date – find out if church space available Sunday May 6 


Sunday picked b/c of availability of parking – don’t have to feed the meters 


Take vote in individual groups about preference (Sat or Sun) for Share-A-thon 


Elisa will do Service topic 


Florence suggested “Peeling The Onion” book for topics for Share-A-Thon. 


45 minute mtg. 


Florence suggested Coda big book. Pick short story and someone can speak about it 


Patty suggested 30 Years Coda Anniversary theme – make flyers & put on website 


Patty suggested outreach by public service announcements as other 12 steps have done 


(for discussion next monthly mtg) 


Need business mtg volunteers 


to post mtg minutes, answer mail on website 


Invite Stephanie, webmaster, to come to I/G mtg. 


Need new treasurer – Richard no longer can do.





There were no motions.

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