August 2015 Meeting MInutes

Intergroup session: Aug 27 2015 Intergroup Session

Document type: minutes

1-Six people attended. Cori from the Bronx, Pat from the Wednesday Realization Center, Yolanda from the Tuesday  
    Realization Center, Frank from Wednesday at 35th Street, Mary Beth from Saturday 35th Street, and Lori from Monday 
   35th Street.

2-Discussed buying a locker to store literature at 35th street for InterGroup. Passed.

3-Discussed meetings reading only the step 'title' versus the complete step as written in the 12 step Handbook.

4-Discussed changing 'men and women' to 'people' in our next format revision. Passed.

5-Received report from Frank about the World CSC. (aka 'document of delegates report' highlights)
         Peeling the Onion pamphlet is expanding and will be changing.
         Field Service Manual is being re-done.
        Suggested people donate the amount in dollars that corresponds to their year anniversary.
        7th Tradition being formally reworded to increase donations. Passed. Vote was 24 for, 8 against, 2 abstained.
        Coins will be using 'English' numbers, ie.20 instead of Roman numbers, ie. XX. Passed 23 for, 11 against, 1


There were no motions.

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