December InterGroup Meeting

Intergroup session: Dec 17 2015 Intergroup Session

Document type: minutes

1- Reviewed agenda- mainly talked about details for Share-a-Thon.
     Need people to help at 12:30 with set up, and throughout day for registration/literature desk.
     Need big 'signs' 1-Chairs please follow formats as written and enforce no crosstalk guidelines.
                                  2-Group service reps needed.
                                  3-Participation at intergroup and intergroup positions* needed.
                                  4-You can't keep what you have unless you give it away.
     *For Intergroup officer position need 6 months in CoDA and 3 months as a GSR.

2-Election of officers not able to be done due to unavailability of people.
3-Several holiday telephone meetings being held:
       12/24 and 12/31 Park Slope mtg in Brooklyn at 6:30 as usual
       12/25 at 8pm phone mtg. Dial 641-715-3580, access code 404630 phone-a-thons- check website
4-Recover from the holidays meeting at NY271 Bellerose group Free to be Me on 1/9 from 10am-5pm.


There were no motions.

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