February Intergroup Meeting

Intergroup session: Feb 25 2016 Intergroup Session

Document type: minutes

1- Discussed Share-a-thon Re-cap. 46 in attendance, 13 handbooks sold, Intergroup did not take a loss for this.
  - Feedback from some were that the meetings were too large and people could not share.
  - We thought of having 2 rooms on the same topic next time
  - We thought of having 2 different topics instead of 3 topics- but consideration has to be made for 'popularity' of one topic over another if we have different topics as opposed to the same topic.
  - We thought of having the meetings be 1hour and 15 minutes instead of 1hour.

2- Table tents saying no feedback or crosstalk were discussed. John was to follow up.

3- Meeting list update- still not done. Website still an issue. Trying to get someone new to build website for us.

4- Motion made for there to be a newcomer greeter position added to the format but it was not seconded.

5- More participation from groups at Intergroup discussed.
    Suggested a flyer distributed through website or website email to groups for service.
    Suggested polling whether a weekend Intergroup meeting would bring more people: Saturday 12:30 at 35th street or
      Sunday 6pm at the 92nd Street Y.

6- Immediate website issue: Can we send email from NYCcoda.org?


There were no motions.

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