June Intergroup Meeting

Intergroup session: Jun 23 2016 Intergroup Session

Document type: minutes

Discussed dates for September Share-a-thon.
First choice 9/10, then 9/17, then 9/24 as per group.
Lori to check with Church regarding availability.

Discussed topic of de-listing groups from NYC Intergroup meeting list if they did not follow NYC Format, particularly the no crosstalk/feedback sections, as well as the general structure of the format. They would still be listed on National website.

People saw this as 'punitive' and there were no votes in favor of the motion to de-list.
Discussion took place, possibly listing meetings as ones with and without crosstalk.
Discussion and motion tabled to next Intergroup meeting.

Results of phone conference with National about this topic was discussed. Outcome as above. National said NYC Intergroup is autonomous and can by group conscience have its own guidelines and if groups don't follow them, vote to de-list, but that as long as groups read the 4 core foundational documents of Coda (12 steps, 12 traditions, Preamble, Welcome) that they would remain on the National site.


There were no motions.

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