July Intergroup Mtg. Minutes

Intergroup session: Jul 28 2016 Intergroup Session

Document type: minutes

Attendance: Chair, rep from Tuesday night Bronx (Richard), rep from Saturday 10:30 (Judy), rep from Friday night 7pm Realiz.Ctr. (Elisa), rep from Thursday noon (Lorraine), rep from Wed. Realiz. Ctr. (Pat), rep from Monday noon (Denise), rep from Sat.2pm (Dan)


Karaoke, August 13 @ 5pm. Information on website under Announcements.
         A tally of RSVP's will be 'announced' on website on 8/11.

CoDA Dance- this is a costly venture- it was discussed and decided that there would be a checklist at the Share-a-Thon
          for people who are interested to sign up with their email contact info to see if it would make sense monetarily for
          us to have a dance, depending on the number of interested people.

2-Issue of all NYC groups adhering to the NYC format, especially the no feedback/crosstalk guidelines:
   We started discussing this matter again, as a voluntary joining to NYC Intergroup rather than groups being de-listed from
   NYC Intergroup, also pointing out the CoDA International Produced literature which clearly states that there is but "one
   paramount rule: "No crosstalk". Note: groups still would be listed on the National website.
   At this point the previous Chair of NYC CoDA Intergroup entered the meeting and asked why we were voting on this issue
   when this issue had been voted on and passed over 3 plus years ago at an Intergroup meeting where there were about 20
   GSR's in attendance. The motion read something like: "The tradition of no feedback and no crosstalk is an integral part of
   what makes a meeting a CoDA meeting. NYC CoDA Intergroup, while it does not govern, does have concern for the  
   safety of meetings, and therefore, any group that disregards this tradition cannot call itself a NYC CoDA meeting".

  For clarity purposes, we voted to re-affirm this motion, and to include it into the NYC Intergroup BYLAWS.
  The webmaster will need to be consulted to update these bylaws.
  This motion passed 6 in favor, 1 against. 1 (the chair) could not vote.

  Another motion was brought forth that we incorporate that piece of International CoDA literature into our format with its
  reference in the beginning part of the open sharing section.
  The webmaster will be needed in order to accomplish this.
  This motion passed 7 in favor, 0 against.

An attempt is being made to try to locate the actual minutes of years ago, the archives of CoDA Intergroup meetings. They may be located in a file cabinet on the third floor at 28 east 35th street. Lori has reached out to the person who has the key to this cabinet. When our Intergroup meetings were held at Trinity and moved to 35th street, apparently there was some confusion as to what happened to our documents and literature. 

Also of note is that our file cabinet housing our literature was thrown in the garbage by the Church! Thank goodness the literature was removed first. We were told it was blocking a fire exit but that is not true, and even if it were, it could have simply been moved, not thrown out. So we need to buy another locker. The Chair has discussed this with the Treasurer and the Church as far as our being compensated for this.

Motion to close was made at 7:35pm.


There were no motions.

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