September Intergroup Minutes

Intergroup session: Sep 22 2016 Intergroup Session

Document type: minutes

1-July minutes read and accepted. Only 2 people showed for the August 13 Karaoke event.
2-No Treasury Report- Treasurer absent, and request for report was not delivered.
3-No Literature Report- no literature chairperson
4-Share-a-Thon Recap:
   a) 25 people attended- perhaps if we had a flyer more people would have attended
   b) $48 in the red/ next time will not have more than one regular coffee; will have water bottles and less cookies/crackers
   c) comments: too much reading of the format in the beginning- we will have a format for the next share-a-thon- either an abbreviated one, or a suggestion was made to read the Steps, Traditions, Welcome, and Preamble at the Introduction and not at each meeting, and then a brief No Crosstalk/Feedback statement at each meeting to allow for more sharing time.
Apparently this is how it is done at the CoDA Conventions.
Sunday at 5:30 at the 92stY is a Step Study workshop running til the 7pm meeting.-- will see about a link on the website

Explore FORUMS link on website and its activity, and discuss at next meeting.

Concern that Treasurer is not present at Intergroup meetings.
Discussed having co-Treasurer (Richard B.) take over the ledger so that he can report to Intergroup.
Need to discuss with active Treasurer.

Discuss with webmaster if there is a way to let people know to click on announcements for details.

Meeting Crosstalk Concerns:
 Queens Womens Meeting, Monday or Tuesday Realization Center Meetings
    Lori will try to see if there is a contact for these meetings to discuss, or to attend if possible.

Election of Officers:
 Chair- Lori- for now- no one volunteered/ is eligible- need 6 months as GSR
 Treasurer- need to discuss with Andy and Richard
 Co-Chair/Secretary- Lorraine
 Forum Content Checker- Dan

Lori L.- Chair
Lorraine C.- Co-Chair/Secretary and GSR Thursday 35st
Dan H.- GSR 42st
Elisa- GSR Friday Realization Ctr
Richard B.- Co-Treasurer and GSR Bronx Tuesday meeting


There were no motions.

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