October Intergroup Minutes

Intergroup session: Oct 27 2016 Intergroup Session

Document type: minutes

Present: Dan H.- Sat 2pm meeting Lori L.- Mon. 35st meeting Lorraine C.- Thurs. 35st meeting Richard B.- Tues. Bronx meeting Elisa- Fri. Realiz. Center meeting Treasury Report: Approximately $700 Andy not on site. Request made to transfer 'books and ledger and checks' to Richard. Need to arrange meeting. Literature Report: Kept in front room, unlocked. Dan stated cabinet on third floor in use by Wednesday meeting was Intergroups', but there is no contact person for Wed. meeting CSC Report:2017 CSC will be in Minnesota 2018 CSC will be in SanDiego Free Downloads of Pamphlets now available. New literature: How to run a Step Study Group, and How to Take a Group Inventory Motions, etc. available @ coda.org New Business: Discussion about how to increase membership. Decided on a Sponsorship Forum Day, January 21, Saturday 1-5pm, water and cookies/crackers- need to check with Church regarding date.Update: Church has the date and rooms available. *Topic for flyer: "Demystifying Sponsorship in CoDA, and Open Forum." Plan to distribute Sponsorship pamphlets for free, have Sponsorship Booklets for sale. *Put on FORUMS site on website: "Demystifying Sponsorship in CoDA: What is it?" Attend Our Open Forum on Jan.21. Please leave us your ideas and concerns about sponsoring/sponsorship." Motion passed 4 to 1, meeting adjourned at 7:30.


There were no motions.

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