January Meeting Minutes

Intergroup session: Jan 26 2017 Intergroup Session

Document type: minutes

In attendance:  Daniel-Sat 42nd St, Jo-Chair & Sat 35th St, Liz-Thurs 35th St, Lorraine-Co-chair, Richard-Treasurer & St Helene’s, Bx.

 Treasurer’s  report:  Richard reported $218.34 in Treasury as of Jan. 13, 2017.

 Old Business:

 92Y ban of member not entirely resolved.  Banned member has not returned to 92Y. Nevertheless, Intergroup cannot interfere with an autonomous meeting.

 Jo still needs to do “Guidelines for Chairing a Meeting,” as decided at Dec. 16 meeting.

 New Business:

  Each meeting should hold a business meeting. Group conscience as to term lengths. Ask for service volunteers, list of people willing to co-chair.  Do a count in each meeting to determine who has been around for 3, 6, 12 months or more.  Observe/approach likely candidates, sound out as potential co-chairs.

 As part of recruiting service volunteers, have the subject of service to CoDA be one or more of the topics at the next Share-a-thon.  Picked Sat. April 1, as the date for next Share-a-thon. [This date has since been changed to Sat. June 11.]

 Jo suggested upgrade of NYCCoDA Website.   Speak with Stephanie and Matthew.  Daniel suggested announcing it to the  membership at CoDA meetings.  Once we get some proposals, winnow it down.  Put on YouTube.  Give first consideration to Matthew.  Webmaster should be someone who regularly attends meetings.

 Need to get an idea of what the Website upgrade would cost.  Consider holding a fundraiser to pay for this project, such as a potluck dinner/dance.  Find out if National would fund such an event.  Need to identify a venue.  Jo to ask Valerie what’s the capacity of the rooms at 35th Street and thether CCNY permits dancing.  Daniel to find out about an organization on 29th Street that may be willing to provide a venue at a discount. 

 35th St. Liz reported that Monday 12N meeting is not attended.  Jo to post notice on Website that this meeting needs support.



There were no motions.

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