Intergroup Business Mtg 4/27/17

Intergroup session: Apr 27 2017 Intergroup Session

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Minutes of Intergroup Business Meeting – April 27, 2017.


In Attendance:  Andi-Wed Realz Cntr; Bridget-Sat, 42nd St; Dennis-9th Ave Bklyn; Fernando-Tues Realz Cntr; Florence-Mon St. Helene’s Bx; Jo-Chair & Sat 35th St; Lorraine-Thur 35th St; Richard-Treasurer & St. Helene’s Bx; Trish-Sun 92Y; Denise-Sun 92Y (late arrival)


  1. Treasury Report - Richard reported $377.94 as of 4/13/17.  Confirmed (from last meeting) that 7th Tradition donations to be distributed as: 60% local; 30% State; 10% National.

 Vote passed in favor of maintaining Coda Mailbox, which costs apx. $11/month.

 Discussion followed on how to make it easier for the various meetings to send in their 7th Tradition donations. Mailed donations are best submitted by check or money order; cash should not be sent by mail.

 Vote passed on using pre-addressed envelopes. Andi volunteered to print these.Trish to coordinate; will get supplies. Proposed quantity for twelve months: at least 100. Treasurer will reimburse expenses incurred in this effort.

 2.   Share-A-Thon, Sat, June 10th, 12N-4pm at 35th St.  Four speakers identified. Topics include:

  1 Service

 2 Forgiveness

 3 Self Hate to Self Love

 4 To Be Announced

 Refreshments will include water, coffee, and maybe cookies.

 Jo to prepare flyers for Share-A-Thon, to distribute at NYC meetings.

  3.  Update on proposed Website upgrade

 Daniel (Sat. 42nd St.) has assumed responsibility for steering this project and continues to work with Matthew (Webmaster) and Stephanie in this effort.

 It still remains a goal to hold a fundraiser to help pay for the upgrade.  More about this in future months.





There were no motions.

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