July 2014 Meeting Minutes

Intergroup session: Jul 23 2014 Intergroup Session

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July 23, 2014
At this meeting there was a total five total attendees.
Treasurer Richard paid the P.O. box fee of $64.
Frank volunteered to pick up the literature from Trinity Church. And Lori/Andy will ask the Community Church at 35th Street if we can put a file cabinet in the building to store the literature.
Format  changes to the meeting format:
Approval was voted on and passed on the following changes.
·      First page stays the same.
·      There are now two welcomes, a short or a long choice.
·      On the third page the following has been added:
1.     Participation in the meeting is optional.
2.     Please pour drinks down sink.
3.     Turn off phones.
·      The meeting types content is the same but Page 3 in now formatted vertically.
·      Concerning open sharing, on pages 3 and 4, more information has been added to the feedback crosstalk guidelines.
·      Change in affirmations: “Please do not read all 25.” will now be placed at the end of the paragraph.
The Group Registration and Seventh Tradition Forms will be put on the website under a new heading of “Forms”.
The national group has a meeting number for every meeting in NYC. National has 24 meetings but they have four that that we don’t list. We have a meeting that national doesn’t have listed. 
Frank will call meetings not on the list.
Todd will send out letters to groups with donation forms and group registration forms.
The share-a-thon picnic is out and a share-a-thon like the one last year will be held, hopefully this Fall. Lori is checking dates with the church.
Sponsorship Committee: Discussed possibility of having one / discussed having a meeting for potential sponsors / potential sponsor workshop during share-a-thon / 

Report from Frank about the recent international service meeting in Orlando, Fl. There were about 40 motions including gratitude month in November, leaving money to CODA (wills), making changes to the “Peeling the Onion” pamphlet, making literature more streamlined, changing the “Promises” sheet from “I” to “We” and to the present tense.
Some motions needed to be tabled for next year. Also spoke about translations of CODA material for Israel and the fact that CODA is growing and now in 16 countries.


There were no motions.

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