November 2014 Meeting Minutes

Intergroup session: Nov 20 2014 Intergroup Session

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1. 2014 revised format*

The 2014 revised format is ready for distribution and will be posted on the website. It includes a new section for groups to read weekly from the Coda step booklet the step that corresponds to the month. This addresses an issue that was brought up at the meeting that we were not following CoDA guidelines which strongly suggest that each meeting set aside time for step study because the 12 Steps are the basis of our recovery. The new format is eight pages. Intergroup NYC will be providing four plastic sleeves to anyone who needs it. 

2. Meeting list adjustments*

Intergroup NYC has added to the meeting list on the website that all meetings are 90 minutes. The 35th Street meeting location is being renamed from Community Church to Community House. 

3. Group registration forms*

Group registration forms should be sent to NYC Intergroup ( not to national ( 

4. Donations*
There still have not been any CoDa state activity, hence, the suggested donation is 70% to NYC Intergroup and 30% to national.

5. Problems*
There have been problems reported for several meetings. Intergroup is investigating issues of non-compliance with the format and will continue to follow up and if necessary will notify them about the consequences of non-compliance. IN ORDER TO BE A CODA MEETING, EVERY MEETING NEEDS TO READ THE CODA PREAMBLE, THE CODA 12 STEPS, CODA 12 TRADITION, AND THE CODA WELCOME AS WRITTEN IN THE FORMAT. THE GROUP'S MUST ALSO ENFORCE MUST ENFORCE THE NO-FEEDBACK/NO CROSSTALK GUIDELINES.

When: Saturday, January 17, 2015
Time: 9:30 to 3:30
Where: 28 E. 35th St. Community House
Cost: Five dollar suggested donation (Lunch included)
Volunteers for meeting chairs and speakers, as well as set-up and clean-up are welcome. Please respond to: / 917-7GO-CODA / 917-746-2632

7. Next Meeting
The next meeting is December 18th at 6 pm. Please join us.


*All outcomes were decided through motions being brought forth and voted on.

Motion PASSED with the following votes
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