Intergroup Business Mtg. Feb 22, 2018

Intergroup session: Feb 22 2018 Intergroup Session

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Coda Intergroup Meeting TH 2/22/2018

Alina Laboriel
Coda Meeting at St. Helena’s Catholic Church
Daniel H.
Sat. Sept & Tread Mtg.
St. Francis of Assisi
Patricia R. White
92nd St Y Sunday at 7PM
Lorraine C.
35 St. TH

Re: Tax Nonprofit status:  Looked through literature boxes in Community Church where storage for meetings is kept.

Found Coda Formation papers & information needed for the Coda Tax ID #.
By-Laws Section 1
Trish will walk in to IRS, show paper & try to get them to give us proof of our Tax ID for banking purposes.
Alina asked if there were any questions about the website for Stephanie, the web-master, who attends Bronx mtgs. at St. Helena's.
Bronx meeting is holding elections soon.

Re: Website – Dan & Trish will answer questions on the website that Jo was handling previously.

Dan will maintain the meeting list on the website.

Dan will handle general questions and will also answer specific questions coming from men.

Trish will answer specific questions coming from women.

Lorraine will no longer be able to maintain the group rep position for 35 St. Thurs.

New reps needed.


There were no motions.

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