April Intergroup Meeting Minutes

Intergroup session: Apr 28 2016 Intergroup Session

Document type: minutes

1--Share-a-Thon to be planned for September: 2 sessions per hour; 3 hours; 12:30 to 6:00
2--Election of Officers:
    Chair- no one volunteered; Lori will stay as Chair for now.
    Co-Chair- Lorraine volunteered.
    Treasurer- Andy agreed to continue.
    Literature person- no one volunteered.
    Webmaster- position dissolved- we will be buying an outside web host
    Secretary- Lorraine volunteered.

3--Siteground.com  passed 4 to 0 to buy their services (Chair does not vote unless there is a tie)
     They are supposed to build and maintain a website.
     Chair to look into details and report back or sign up.
     Introductory rate of $4 per month and $10 per month thereafter. But may be more for set-up.

    Our current website cannot be updated except for the sidebar; we can't email from it, we can't update meeting list, we can't attach PDF's easily, etc. We need something functional that we control so we can send out flyers and solicit more group participation, etc.


There were no motions.

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