November 2016 Intergroup

Intergroup session: Nov 17 2016 Intergroup Session

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Present: Jo D- Saturday 35st, Richard B.-Tues.Bronx, Liz- Mon.35st., Lori-chair, Lorraine-Thurs.35st.,Elisa-Fri.Realiz.Ctr.,Dan-Sat.2pm 1-7pm Sunday meeting at the Y had a conference call business meeting/group conscience on Thursday 11/17 to vote on banning a member. Suggestion made to email chair of meeting to take in-person meetings/group consciences only and to have a time frame around the ban. "Tradition One: Our Common Welfare Comes First; Personal Recovery Depends Upon Coda Unity"---other Traditions need to be concerned with how they affect Coda as a whole. 2-Intergroup made aware of the change of time and timeframe for Step Study meeting at the Y by members of the meeting, not by the meeting Chair. New time is 5 to 6:55 instead of 5:30, and the last day will be December 18, not January 8 3-Election of Officers: New Chair: Jo, vote: 6 for, 0 against 4-Sponsorship Forum on 1/21: Materials brought by Richard from New England retreat relevant to our Sponsorship Forum. Webmaster will be asked to post on website for all to peruse before 1/21. 5-Treasury Report: $401.23 in bank Meeting adjourned at 7:20. Next meeting December 22.


There were no motions.

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