July Intergroup Meeting Minutes

Document type: minutes


Andy - treasurer
Lori - 74th st Jan Hus
Glenn - 35th Saturday 10:30am
Todd - 92nd Y
Matthew - webmaster
Donald - 303 west 42nd st

Treasury Report

Checking account balance: $1,000.56
Pretty cash amount: $296.00

Meeting Report

A meeting asked if there was another step workshop that was going to happen. We mentioned there was a discussion forum on the NYC website to suggest new meeting. It was also brought up that anyone can start a meeting if they find a location to have it and use the Meeting Starter Packet (https://www.coda.org/pdfs/Meeting%20Starter%20Packet.pdf)

New Business

We discuses possible changes to the meeting packet given to new meetings as well as updating the format used by current meetings. Lori is going to put together a first draft and bring it to Intergroup in August. We also discussed when and where to hold the share-a-thon.  Tentatively we are planning for Sep 28th at the 35th street Church. An official announcement will be made on the website soon.


There were no motions.

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