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Posted by Daniel H. on Dec 8, 2016 in Sponsorship Forum Day 1/21/17 at 35th Street

Hello everyone, I've been coming to CoDA for a long time and sponsorship is something, that in my experience is rare. Why is that? There could be many reasons. What can be done to facilitate those who would like a sponsor? What about co-sponsorship for those who have had more time in CoDA. The Sponsorship Forum day is for all those interested this important part of our program. It's a day that has no preconceived notions or agenda. Rather it will be a time to gather in fellowship to share our experience & ideas, taking stock/inventory of where we are and looking ahead to where we would like to go in the years ahead. Have you been in CoDA a while? Come and share your experience with sponsorship. New to CoDA? Come and learn about sponsorship, share what you feel the most helpful form of sponsorship might be. A trustworthy sponsor/co-sponsor can be a valuable resource in our recovery. It's a gift that we as a fellowship can give ourselves. Let's join together on Jan 21 to discover how we can best do that. In fellowship, Daniel H.

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Jo D. on Jan 10, 2017

To download the Jan 21st Forum flyer, go to Announcements and click on the Sponsorship Forum announcement. This will open a more detailed page. Scoll down the page and click on Flyer.

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