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Posted by m on Feb 9, 2013 in General Discussion

Hi, does anyone know the new york state CoDA mailing address?

We would like to send a 7th tradition donation to them but can't find their address.
It was listed on website before but no more.
And the contact person's phone number for NYS that is listed on isn't working, either.


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Daniel H. on Mar 13, 2013


I'm the Co-Da NYC intergroup chair.  A person who was an officer of NYC Co-Da intergroup last year said that they were going to look into reviving it.
Have not heard from them since.  At this point we have no information on a NYS office.  



m on Mar 31, 2013

Thanks, Daniel!

Integroup on Aug 20, 2013

We have recently been told that the NY State CoDA Address is:

PO box 3254
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

However,  I don't believe that they are having any physical meetings as of yet.

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