Minutes of Meeting 5/24/17

Intergroup session: May 24 2017 Intergroup Session

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Minutes of Intergroup Business Meeting – May 24, 2017, 6:15pm

 Due to various circumstances, only three people were available to participate, so it was decided to hold this meeting by teleconference. Participating:  Jo, Chair & Sat 35th St; Lori, Thurs. 35th St., Trish-Sun 92Y. 

  1. Treasury Report – Filling in for Intergroup treasurer Richard, Jo reported $380.00 as of 5/20/17 plus $137 from 92Y for period Jan-May (reported by 92Y treasurer Denise just prior to the mtg).

    Lori announced correction to last month’s Intergroup announcement regarding the distribution of 7th Tradition donations: The correct distribution should be: 60% local; 30% National; 10% State.

    CoDA mailbox has been renewed by Richard for another 6 months at a total cost of $67.00.

    Trish provided an update on the decision taken last month to make it easier for the various meetings to mail in their 7th Tradition donations. She has provided envelopes and addresses to Andie (Wed. Realiz. Cntr) who has volunteered to print and distribute the envelopes. 


  2. Update on Share-A-Thon to be held Saturday, June 10th, at 28 E. 35th St.

     Jo & Trish & Lorraine will coordinate refreshments and request reimbursement from Intergroup Treasury.

Apx. 11: 40-12:15pm --  Set up front lounge and gallery (Jo, Trish, et al)

 Greeters/Sign-in:   Cliff and Lorraine

 12:15-12:30pm  - Introduction, reading of Steps, Traditions, Guidelines (Jo)


 Four 40-Minute segments, including Speaker Topic for 15 minutes, following by Open Sharing (apx. 25 mins.) with short break between segments.


 12:30-1:10pm – Topic “It’s Never Too Late To Have A Happy Childhood.”  Speaker:  Daniel


1:10-1:20pm -- Break


1:20-2:00pm – Topic “Service.” Speaker: Lori


2:00-2:10pm -- Break


                        2:10-2:50pm – Topic and Speaker:  TBA


                        2:50-3:00pm -- Break


                        3:00-3:40pm – Topic “From Self-Hate to Self-Love.” Speaker: Jo


            3:40-4:00pm – Conclusion and clean-up.  


      **Note:  Since the 5/24 meeting, one of our speakers has had to withdraw due to a conflict on June 10th.  So we are now seeking a fourth speaker.



There were no motions.

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