August 2014 Meeting Minutes

Intergroup session: Aug 27 2014 Intergroup Session

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August 27, 2014


Lori: Chairperson
Richard: Treasurer
Mary Beth: Website/Saturday 10:30 am meeting
Franck: Wednesday 6:30 meeting
Adele: Realization Center
1.  Concerning the meetings for the Greater New York Area
Motion to remove Greater New York Area meetings for NYC CoDa website.  
5 in favor 3 abstentions for link being removed.
2.  Meeting addresses
Wrong addresses for NYC Monday and Saturday meetings at Church on the national website. Frank will ask national to fix the addresses.
3.  Meetings
For the Free School Brooklyn meetings, the national website has meetings we do not listed on the NYC CoDa website. Frank is checking on this.
The Douglaston meeting has apparently two meetings at the same time. remove one of the two ID numbers . Thursday 7 pm / 2 different groups / 347 Monday 7 to 8:30 step meeting 345 Thurs meeting
Brooklyn Kensington Library meetings need to be confirmed. Frank is checking.
St. Andrews Bronx – 6:30 Thursday / National needs to be told to remove this meeting. Lori is contacting national.
4.  Share-a-thon
Lori checked with the church about a Share-a-thon for a Saturday in October/November. Person at the church is checking. We will know a date on Thursday.
5.  Distribute conference material below to meetings.
Will be put on website by Mary Beth
-CD’s of sessions available
-Program for the 2014 International CoDa convention.
   6. Treasurer’s Report
-Balance of $1,047 in the bank
-$200 petty cash


There were no motions.

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