Minutes of June Business Meeting

Intergroup session: Jun 22 2017 Intergroup Session

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Minutes of Intergroup Business Meeting – June 22, 2017.


In attendance:  Brigitte-Sat. 42nd St; Lorraine-Thurs-35th St.; Richard-Bronx; Elisa-Realz Cntr; and Denise-Sun.92Y.


Denise reviewed the minutes from 5/24/2017 Intergroup meeting, as follows:


The meeting was conducted by phone with three people participating (Josephine, Lori, and Trish). May 24th discussion was mostly about the (then) upcoming June 10th Share-a-thon. A correction to the April Minutes was announced by Lori regarding 7th tradition allocations, which should be 60% local, 30% national, and 10% state.  The CoDA mailbox was renewed by Ricard for another six months at a total cost of $67.00. Trish (92Y) provided an update on the plan to make it easier for meetings to mail in their 7th Tradition donations.  She has provided a supply of enveloped and addresses to Andie (Wed. Realz Cntr) who has committed to printing and distributing the envelopes. 


Richard gave the Treasurer's Report for June. Balance as at June 22 was $370.97. He also distributed copies of the CODA Expense Report for June 10th Share-a-thon, prepared by Jo, Intergroup Chair. The Share-a-thon went well, was attended by 40 people, and collected enough money to cover its expenses. Intergroup received a 7th Tradition donation of $100 from 92Y, in May, which increased the balance of $137.00 which was reported in the May 24th Minutes. Richard will bring in receipt book. Richard reiterated that no 7th tradition donations should be left on the meeting premises (which happened earlier this year) and donations by mail should be by check or money order, not cash.


Old Business: Richard referred to the previous Wednesday evening meeting at 35th St. which was terminated in 2016. Brigitte said that cancelled meetings should be noted on the Web site.  Minute writer’s note:  The $143.00 from that meeting was not left at the meeting site (as reported) but was given to Jo by the former treasurer of that meeting, and subsequently turned over to Richard by Jo.


New/Ongoing Business:


There was discussion of the previsouly proposed CoDA Fundraiser to pay for an upgrade of the CoDA Website. Brigitte spoke to Daniel regarding people having different positions at the fundraiser. 


Other business:  Brigitte said that when an Intergroup Meeting is cancelled it should be put on the CODA website. 


It was suggested to review the CoDA Traditions and the responsibilities of service positions. Tradition 9 states we should rotate service positions. 


Elisa suggested that the next Share-a-thon should include a Traditions Section.





There were no motions.

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