July 27 Intergroup Mtg. Minutes

Intergroup session: Jul 27 2017 Intergroup Session

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Minutes of Intergroup Business Meeting – July 27, 2017, 6:15 p.m.


In attendance:  Florence-Bronx; Bridget-42nd St; Daniel-42nd St; Elisa-Realiz. Cntr;  Liz-Mon. LGBT; Trish-92Y; Jo-Chair & Sat 35th St.


Approval of June Minutes:  Trish read the minutes from June 22nd Intergroup meeting (which included a recap of the May 24th Mtg).  Minutes were unanimously approved.


Treasurer’s Report:  In the absence of the Treasurer, Jo reported the Treasury balance of $440.99, as of July 14, 2017.  [Chair’s note: Just prior to this meeting, Elisa reported to Jo that she was holding $122.00 in 7th Tradition donations from the Realization Center to give to Intergroup. It was decided that Elisa would pass this donation on to the Treasurer, at the earliest opportunity.]


Old/pending business: The pre-addressed donation envelopes remains with Andie (Wed. Realiz. Cntr).  When received, the envelopes are to be distributed to the respective meetings. Daniel suggested that this distribution might be done in person by a core visitation group.  


Ongoing Business:


Discussion resumed regarding the previously proposed CoDA Fundraiser to pay for an upgrade of the CoDA Website.  Previous suggestions included a potluck dinner, an evening event to be held in the 35th St. Community Church basement. Daniel suggested having speakers (rather than a share-a-thon), followed by socialization, and invite people from other 12-Step groups. He mentioned the example of the Bill W. Dinner Dance that AA holds annually. Trish said that such an effort would require a core committed group. Daniel said we could form a committee, Brigitte seconded the idea. Liz suggested that the committee could be paired with visitation group charged with distributing the 7th Tradition envelopes, to form a core group that would go around to all the meetings to promote the fundraiser. It was suggested that a promotional flyer be created, to be distributed at the meetings; also to put an announcement on the Website, announcing the formation of a Visitation Committee for the purpose of increasing awareness of and participation in CoDA.  Jo agreed to draft the announcement and to provide Daniel and Liz with [former Webmaster] Matthew’s contact information.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.





There were no motions.

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