March Intergroup Meeting

Intergroup session: Mar 29 2018 Intergroup Session

Document type: minutes

Patricia - Chairperson

Bridget - Secretary and representative for Manhattan Coda Writing Workshop

Alina - Representative for Bronx Monday Night meeting

  1. An official notice was sent to the IRS stating we are a non-profit in February. 
  2. It takes 60 days to receive formation papers.  Pat has a copy of formation papers.
  3. The box at Murray Hill is $134.00.  However, we cannot deposit checks until we get the legal notice from Cleveland.
  4. Once the NYC Intergroup name is put on account we can deposit checks ourselves.  
  5. We need an Intergroup Treasurer
  6. Realization Center is back up and running.
  7. Intergroup will now be held on the last Thursday of each month.
  8. Patricia suggested a "12-Step" Meeting Dance as a Fundraiser
  9. Patricia suggested  putting our names (group representatives) next to our corresponding meeting.  We voted not to do that due to anonymity.
  10. We had a lengthy discussion regarding Coda PSA on radio and discussed Traditions 6 and 11 as it would relate to it.
  11. Share-a-day may be pushed back to September - the details are still in discussion
  12. We also discussed having a NY Share-A-Day outing in lieu of in-house meetings
  13. We discussed different ways of spreading the word of Coda, ex., PSA, Share-A-day and leaving flyers in doctor's offices, and telling people to go to on the computer and share as a way of getting the Coda word out.


There were no motions.

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