April 2015 Meeting Minutes

Intergroup session: Apr 23 2015 Intergroup Session

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1. Wednesday Realization Center: Rotating co-chairs. 2. Need to get all meetings the new format, which can be downloaded. 3. Update on State: No NY State website. NY City CoDA is still not donating to state. There is no activity from the NY State group. 4. Sharathon time to be decided: Either 12 to 6 or 11 to 5 since many people had said the earlier time (10 to 3) was to early. Motion passed for 12 to 6. Location: Community House, 28 E. 35th St. (Between Park Avenue and Madison) Date: June 27th, 2015 5. Treasury Report: $643.45 / Petty Cash: $100 6. The Community Church does have a space to let us store a file cabinet for literature, etc. 7. Postponed to next meeting: Whether we should have a mini-flyer or similar about CoDA sponsorship. To give out at meetings or be read at meetings. The flyer or similar can talk about the major points of sponsorship and "What's in it for me?" Being a sponsor helps us develop skills and is a critical part of CoDA. Doing service and giving back fulfills the ongoing mission of the 12 steps. Helps us gain a deeper understanding of the 12 steps For example: At the end of meetings a sign up sheet for people who can sponsor and who want to be sponsors can be made available. Will talk further on this subject during the next meeting.


Time for June Share-a-thon

Motion passed: 12 pm to 6 pm

Motion PASSED with the following votes
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